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How this new graphic novel aims to delve into myth-inspired tales

Are you among those who believe everything until it’s disproved? Does mythology overstep the boundaries of folklore in your imagination and make you ponder the connection between events and epochs? Professor Ashwatthama (The Write Order), a graphic series that came out with its first edition in June, is set in the cusp of a generation searching for stability of any kind. Heavily inspired by the Indian epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata, the book follows Ashwatthama’s singular mastery to fight the demonic intentions of Genghis Khan who has arisen from his grave with Ravana’s soul — that, until stolen from the mythology museum in Sri Lanka resided in a jewel. The narrator tells you it is Dwapar Yuga — second of the four yugas in Hinduism, and good is only rising to vanquish evil. We are also told that Ashwatthama had met atomic scientist Dr H Baba who — in return for the former’s favour of sharing the blueprints of crucial weaponry — treated his incurable wound.


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