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Mumbai Diary: Saturday Dossier

A couple of months ago, Mumbai-based comics writer Saahil Sharma was featured in this newspaper’s The Guide section for his graphic series, Professor Ashwatthama. Sharma’s originality in exploring the connections between Hindu mythology and science fiction had caught our eye. And since its release, the book has been winning accolades. Sharma recently won the Best Plot Award for the book from Canada-based Ukiyoto Publishing House. The writer, who is thrilled about the win, told us, “Readers know about Ashwatthama’s portrayal, and what happened to him after the Mahabharata. In this comic, I re-imagine him as a wandering prodigy, who after meeting Dr Homi Bhabha, can direct India towards becoming a nuclear superpower.” The series will have four to five parts in total, and the second volume will be out in mid-October.


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